In India, 2.68 crore people are categorised as “Ability” accounting for 2.21 percent of the 121 crore entire population. 0.81 million people in rural areas and 0.81 million in urban areas. Similarly, 69 percent of the overall population hails from rural areas, with the remaining 31 percent residing in metropolitan areas. 2.01% and 2.01% respectively.

In India, the Act on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Rights of Persons with Disabilities) was just enacted in 2016. A PWD is described as a person with a long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory handicap that, in combination with impediments, prevents him from fully and effectively participating in society on an equal footing with others.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced in September 2019 that the 2021 national census would be conducted entirely digitally via a mobile phone application. The census in 2021 will be conducted in 16 languages. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, it has been postponed until 2022, with preliminary results coming soon.

All the Government scheme for Ability group are in paper only still… Need to change a lot for disability rights in India, compare to other country.

Me too an ability person in the same community, and I am doing my free service the Ability group.  Across from India, you can send your Hand-script / Any other format Resume (CVs) , by emailing me at, I will reformat your Resume according to the latest trend.

Below websites are gathered for our Ability people who can use them for their needs.

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