To start a day with fresh…in India most of the people loves to drink Hot Coffee/Chai in early mornings to keep them more energies. Let me first define the coffee, is a brewed beverage made from coffee beans that have been roasted. The beverage is dark in colour, bitter, and slightly acidic, and it has a stimulating impact on humans due to the presence of caffeine. Caffeine content, scent, and taste are all vary.

The colour of the coffee berries changes from green to vivid red as they develop. After that, it is harvested, processed, and dried. Dried coffee beans are roasted to various degrees depending on the desired flavour. Roasted beans are ground and boiled with near-boiling water to create the coffee beverage.

In India Coffee/Chai franchise is one of the most well-known business revenue in the world, as well as one of the most profitable. The franchise organisation provides a wide range of options in profits ration according to markets.

To get a franchise, you’ll need money. The franchise requires a financial commitment. Marketing fees, brand fees, start-up kit fees, portable equipment, and initial stock are all included. Each month, the franchise brands get royalty fee up to is 5% of gross sales. Tea franchise brands are growing day by day across every corners.


Your most basic requirements might sometimes be frustratingly out of reach. You’ve always wanted to grab a cup of chai on the go, at work, or have it delivered right when you need it. However, you will usually have to make concessions. You either stop at a less-than-sanitary roadside tea shop or spend your valuable time painstakingly dipping those tea bags into your cup.

We decided to put an end to all those concessions since we are chai lovers. And we wanted to make every chai enthusiast happy by allowing them to enjoy this wonderful tea. So we decided that the ideal way to accomplish this would be to combine high-quality tea with first-rate service to provide a complete experience.

We go to great lengths to provide you with the finest and most delicious Chai/Coffee you’ve ever nows brands. Every cup of Top few brands are packed with natural ingredients gathered from the best tea farms and grown in Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri.

We are obsessed with providing you with the purest Coffee/Chai, thus we go to great lengths to ensure that no fake ingredients are used in our preparation. We use a systematic procedure that ensures quality uniformity at all times. There will be no compromises.  Nowadays you can order Coffee/Tea in online thru many app with in 10 minutes it will be delivered at your place in Card board foil flask.


A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Coffee/Chai franchise Websites listed for your convenience use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

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~ Indiancoffeeculture

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~ Madrascoffeehouse

~ Mylaporecoffee


~ Nammacafe

~ Ontea

~ Shop chaipoint

~ Teaboyfranchise


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~ Teatimegroup


~ Thesouthindiancoffeehouse

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