Color tools, which are newer technologies, assist website designers in choosing one of the most crucial decisions, we’ll make while developing a website colour choices. It’s vital that we get the colours right since they have a psychological impact on those who see them.

For example, Red is regarded as a high-energy colour, whereas blue is associated with tranquillity and harmony. Consider the colours you’d use for a website selling children’s toys vs. a website for a law firm to illustrate this concept. You’re probably going to opt with bright, energetic colours for the former and muted blue and grey tones for the latter.

We don’t only mean the logo or the backdrop colour when we talk about the colour scheme. The colour scheme pervades the entire website, uniting even the smallest features into a single, beautiful colour palette that creates the site’s mood and aesthetics. Finding your own main colour, mixing in 1-2 complementary colours, and topping it all with a great backdrop colour is all part of creating an ideal colour scheme.

A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Color Templates Websites listed for your convenience are totally free to use, use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.


~ Colorcombos
~ Color-hex
~ Colorhunt
~ Colorpalettes
~ Colorsafe
~ Colorsontheweb
~ Colorswall
~ Colorzilla
~ Commutercreative
~ Coolbackgrounds
~ Coolors
~ Eggradients
~ Hailpixel
~ Htmlcolorcodes
~ Huesnap
~ Khroma
~ Materialpalette
~ Mycolor
~ Paletton
~ Schemecolor
~ W3schools