A digital concierge, also referred to as a virtual concierge, is a sort of artificial intelligence that can help hotel visitors. Concierge is sometimes known as an attendant, doorman, caretaker, or porter. A concierge is a member of staff who assists clients with luggage, transportation, and reservations at a hotel or apartment complex. The person at a hotel who you would call to make a restaurant dinner reservation is an example of a concierge.

A concierge in a hotel or resort assists guests by making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, arranging spa services, recommending nightlife hot spots, booking transportation such as taxis, limousines, aeroplanes, boats coordinating with porter service luggage assistance,  etc., and so on. Due to Covid-19 pandemic the industry has been in bad shape.

Concierges in hotels are noted for their emotional intelligence, attentiveness, and proactive behaviour. They exist solely to make a hotel guest’s stay as enjoyable as possible, frequently by anticipating their needs, making recommendations, or performing random acts of kindness.

A corporate concierge is a person who assists clients with their business needs. Personal service, social activities, meal reservations, buying tickets, and arranging transactions with clients are some of the other functions and responsibilities of a corporate concierge.


Concierges work an average of 40 hours every week. 12-hour or rotating shifts are typical, with early mornings, late evenings, and weekends being common. Working part-time is uncommon. Concierges are usually stationed in a lobby or reception area.

While those Top travel sites are fantastic for everyday customers, individuals with the means to plan travel with the help of some of the world’s greatest and most exclusive luxury concierge websites may expect a different level of care. When a guest arrives at a luxury hotel, bell service staff is usually in charge of unloading luggage at curbside and carrying it to the guest’s room following check-in.

Because of the increase of technology and the extensive personal and corporate networks created by some of the world’s most in-the-know concierges, this type of hands-free virtual service and attention to detail is now possible in today’s marketplace.  The concierge service prices are premium based… has the service are done by third party.

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