Folder Lock can rapidly lock and hide files and folders in today’s digital environment, allowing us to be more cautious when sharing our documents. It enables you to password protect your files, folders, and drives to prevent unauthorised access. A locked folder is hidden from view from its previous location and can only be accessed through the software interface.

Files Folder Locking Apps / Software is a set of tools that let you to keep others not accessing, changing, or deleting your files and folders. These tools feature a user-friendly interface and are secure thanks to encryption mechanisms. Many of these apps may be used to lock directories on a flash drive, an external USB drive, an internal hard disc, and other storage devices.

What is the purpose of a folder locker?

A folder locker is a security programme that stores your most valuable files and media and encrypts them with the AES-256 method using a PIN code or lock pattern. In the event that your device is stolen or misplaced, your personal information is safe.


What is the purpose of a folder locker?

A folder vault keeps your information safe from snoopers looking for a quick buck. You can hide folders on your computer that contain private data and information so you don’t have to worry about them being accessed or downloaded onto someone else’s computer after they come into contact with yours.

Who needs a file cabinet?

A folder locker is required by businesses, office staff, and people who work with sensitive information. The folder locker prevents firms’ files from being accidentally deleted by requiring a password.


What is the security of the files in the folder locker?

Your files are virus-free, encrypted, and completely secure. The data is kept on secure servers. This means they aren’t kept as encrypted files, but rather as password-protected files. Each user of the service has their own passcode. Without this security key, not even the locker service provider can decode them.

What’s the difference between encrypting data and using a folder locker to lock folders?

The method of encrypting files is taking a file and creating an algorithm to modify it. Locking folders entails encrypting the folder with a password, which prevents anyone without permission from accessing it.


A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online File & Folder Locker Websites listed for your convenience, few are free to use, rest are paid, use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ Aescrypt

~ Altomac

~ Exelocker


~ File Protect System – LE

~ Folder-lock-pro

~ Gilisoft

~ Iobit


~ kakasoft

~ Lock-folder

~ Newsoftwares

~ Nordlocker


~ Passfolk

~ Rcpsoft

~ Secret Disk

~ Thundershare


~ Tunesbro

~ Wisecleaner

~ Xoslab