Free Royalty Music is a sort of music licensing that allows the customer to use the music in a variety of applications after a single purchase without having to pay royalties to the owner.

Some artists and audio companies will let you use their music for free if you pay a small price up front. They do, however, maintain the song’s copyright. The type of licence that the song has is determined by the artist. Check out the rest of this blog for more information.

What is a Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons License (CCL) is a framework for categorising various types of music licensing. Many musicians want their music used and shared, but only under specified circumstances. Failure to comply with the terms may result in your video being removed from platforms such as YouTube or a full-fledged lawsuit.


There are 4 usage of Attribution and Distribution Conditions:

Attribution: When the music is used, the artist must be credited.

Non-commercial: You will only be able to use your work for non-commercial reasons.

No Derivative Works: Prohibits the use of music to create derivative sounds.


Share Alike: Allows for cloned production, but the original music licence remains on the work.

Is there a distinction between royalty free music & paid version?

Yes, there are several limitations to free royalty-free music. On the other side, you can pay for the music licence once and be free of any restrictions on your work. The sound quality of paid royalty-free music is often superior to that of free royalty-free music.



You now have some wonderful resources for finding free music, and this article has aided you in determining how to locate the correct one. You might also engage a freelance composer to create original, royalty-free music for your project if you’re seeking for something more unique. Understanding what style of music works best for this or that type of video requires some practise, just like everything else in video editing.

A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Free Royalty Music Websites listed for your convenience, few are free to use, rest are to be paid, use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ Apple

~ Audacityteam


~ Audiojungle

~ Bensound

~ Epidemicsound

~ Findsounds


~ Freemusicarchive

~ Freesound

~ Freesoundeffects

~ Hooksounds


~ Looperman

~ Mediacollege

~ Pond5

~ Purple-Planet


~ Soundcloud

~ Soundgator

~ Soundscrate

~ Soundstripe


~ Storyblocks

~ Vimeo

~ Wave

~ Youtube