Learning a foreign language is now having more respects and advantages, for latest generations earlier days it’s impossible, but nowadays we have Internet, we can have access to a wealth of amazing resources that we can use to learn virtually any language from the comfort of our own homes or wherever we are.

Because Italian is one of the world’s most extensively studied foreign languages, there are a variety of great resources available. You can also enrol in a free online Italian course, Lear one-on-one with an instructor via Zoom, or download a few fun Italian language apps.

Any foreign language has Apps, free resources, YouTube, and experts to teach has, the only requirement is that you have a strong grasping ability. Italian is a Romance language, often known as Latin or Neo-Latin, spoken mostly in European countries including Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, and the Vatican City. Italian is spoken as a first language by over 65 million people.


A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Italian Language Websites listed for your convenience, Few are free, rest are paid version, the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.


~ Edx

~ Fluentin3months


~ Forvo

~ Iluss

~ Italianpod101

~ Languagetransfer


~ Linguanaut

~ l-lingo

~ Lucrezia

~ MIT OpenCourseWare


~ Moltobeneitalian

~ Oneworlditaliano

~ Oneworldonlineschool

~ Onlineitalianclub


~ Onlinelearnitalian

~ Podcastitaliano

~ Rosettastone

~ Theitalianexperiment


~ Yojik