Math is everything in today’s world… In their life, each one of us should be strong in maths. The reasons why students find Maths as difficult?

Their foundations are poor. As a result, they are unable to comprehend the material adequately. They are unable to put what they have learned so far into practise. Either the teachers do not grasp the material or are unable to communicate with their students at their level in such a way that they comprehend what is being taught, or the teachers are not sincere and do not bother to educate effectively.


In the case of math, there is also the difficulty of abstract thinking. In the beginning, a lot of instruction is essential to correctly mould the mind.

The best method to improve your math skills is to practise every day, so schedule lots of time to study alone or with a group. You can make significant progress in math with a little determination. Students are more likely to study arithmetic if they see it as a pleasurable pastime. Without Fear of Fluency Timed testing, blind memorising, and speed pressure are all important obstacles in the study of math.

Make a list of all the formulas you’ve used. Understand the foundations and stay in touch with them at all times. Please finish your homework. Word puzzles should be given special attention. Examine your abilities by taking practise tests. Use repetition to help you recall formulas.

Please use below website A to Z wise in Ascending order for your easy access.


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~ Arcmath

~ Bprim

~ Brainbay


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