A meme is an image, video, GIF, or anything else that is based on an incident in movies, real life, or even fiction. These are usually humorous in nature and are frequently used to relate to current events on the internet. A meme’s meaning varies from person to person, but they are often humorous in character, with the goal of making the reader grin or laugh.

Any meme generator’s foundation is its collection of templates, which you will change to create your own meme. A decent meme generator should have a large library of possibilities from which to choose. and editing.

The presence of many fonts, the option to modify the text colour, and the ability to add your own own photos to the template are all useful features. And if you want to generate memes professionally for a social media comedy page, you don’t want any form of watermark on your meme. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest and most cost-effective ways to make memes online and on your smartphone.


Memes have swept the internet as the newest method to express oneself with a dash of wit and irony. Memes have become more popular among the general public than traditional texts or even images, and the majority of them are re-circulated from the internet.

A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Meme websites, listed for your convenience, all are free providers, the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ 9gag

~ Cheezburger


~ Clideo

~ Clipchamp

~ Diylol

~ Iloveimg


~ Imeme

~ Imgfuel

~ Imgur

~ Joyreactor


~ Kapwing

~ Knowyourmeme   

~ Livememe

~ Makeameme


~ Me

~ Memebase

~ Memebetter

~ Memecenter


~ Memedroid

~ Memegen

~ Memegenerator

~ Mememaker


~ Memes

~ Memeshappen

~ Pixmeme

~ Pizap


~ Quickmeme

~ Troll