In this blog we’ll look at few Network Marketing organisations in India. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is also known has Network marketing, also known as direct selling, and multi-level structured marketing. MLM is a pyramid-style marketing approach in which a product is sold by a chain of persons rather than by a single store.

This network of individuals or individuals does not have a set wage like other employment, and they are compensated by commissions on the products or services they offer. An individual’s sales commission is determined by his or her structure or position in the company’s pyramid structure. Individuals at higher positions in the company will receive more commission, while those in lower positions would receive less.

In a normal business, a product would be advertised on TV / Newspaper / Brochure, and it would be distributed by a whole seller, from whole seller to local shops, and finally to the customer, and you would find that the selling price would be higher… in an MLM company it is other way around, MLM Company to a direct customer, so you would find lower pricing comparatively, but a few brands are expensive but products are excellent.

We can earn extra money in our spare time by joining a network marketing organisation. Without any prior expertise or experience, it is regarded the best source of additional cash over our usual income. Join the MLM organisation, acquire the product, and use it, and then inform our friends / relatives / neighbours who can buy it by word of mouth, and we will receive commission at regular intervals whenever sales occur in our downline.


Before joining any MLM or Network Company:

  • Company History.
  • Leadership.

  • Business / Compensation Plan.
  • Products / Services / Trainings.
  • Chat with Leader of MLM, successful peopleto get better outline.
  • Evaluate take final decisions.  

There are the Few Indian Network Marketing companies that are active in the country. Furthermore, these are well-known and have an excellent reputation for the last 5-10 years.


A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online MLM Websites listed for your convenience, the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ Altosindia

~ Amway

~ Asclepiuswellness


~ Avon

~ Balajimultiservice

~ Dewsoftoverseas

~ Dxn2uasia


~ Flavonmax

~ Foreverliving

~ Herbalife

~ Kevaind


~ Milifestylemarketing

~ Modicare

~ Myshopwiz

~ Myvestige


~ Nuskin

~ Oriflame

~ Qnet

~ RCM Business


~ Safeshopindia

~ Tupperwareindia

~ Winfinith