A nursery is a part of the agricultural industry where plants are reproduced, maintained, grown, and sold for personal or commercial use. Improved quality seedlings are developed in favourable conditions until they are ready to be planted on a small or large scale.

Plants that have been propagated in nurseries might be sold as retail or wholesale nurseries. Nurseries exist solely to supply young plants or saplings to gardens, farms, agriculture, forestry, and conservation projects.

That great thing will happen in the nursery field because of our soil. We have an intimate relationship with the natural world. We are incredibly inventive and dedicated & hardworking people. Working with plants is one of our farmer’s favourite things to do. It’s a beautiful nursery with lots of plants and greenery.

Nurseries that sell plants to the general public are known as retail nurseries. Wholesale Nurseries: Wholesale nurseries grow plants in big quantities in order to sell to large clients. Private Nurseries: A private nursery grows plants for a single customer only.


Types of Nursery

  • Hi-tech Nursery
  • Forest plant nursery
  • Medicinal and Aromatic plant nursery
  • Plant nursery for fruits
  • Ornamental plant nursery
  • Vegetable plant nursery

Need better care for young plants since it is easier to maintain a nursery in a small space and protect it from pathogenic infection, pests, and weeds. Nursery-raised crops mature earlier and have a higher market price. As a result, it is more profitable economically.

Nursery seedlings have been reported to have a higher rate of survival than seeds sown directly in the field or by natural regeneration, whether they are native or invasive species. As a result, nursery seedlings are used to plant plantations, whether they are for production, protection, or pleasure.

The nursery’s location may be predetermined depending on the cost of the investment and the house’s availability. If you have enough space in your backyard, it’s a good spot to start a nursery business if you’re a newbie. To create a plant nursery, all you need is an open area.


The nursery’s site must be adjacent to major cities and townships, as well as transportation, employment opportunities, and the possibility to expand in the future. The nursery site must be in a nutrient-rich or medium-soil environment with enough of water. The nursery location should be free of soil contaminants and have sufficient soil drainage.

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