Spinning is the technique of extracting fibres from a bulk and twisting them together to form a continuous thread or yarn in the textile industry. The name is applied to the ejection of a solution to form a fibre in man-made fibre manufacture, a process similar to how silkworms and other insect larvae produce thread to make their cocoons from a viscous fluid they produce.

Even the knitting community has not been spared by the development of e-commerce. This means that if local yarn merchants want to stay relevant and competitive, they must do more than stock yarn in their shops. They must establish an internet presence, update their website, and foster a knitting community in person.

The online knitting community developed through social online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, as well as independent dyers’ websites, huge yarn retail websites, and other online yarn businesses, selling anything from commercial yarns to hand-dyed foreign yarns. Popular yarns from other countries can be easily obtained with just a few mouse clicks.


A single yarn make a huge difference. It changes the look and feel of a garment whether it’s woven, knit, or crocheted if it’s sourced, spun, and dyed correctly. Each of these companies produces yarn that adheres to our values of ethical business methods, careful sourcing, and the use of natural, sustainable resources.

A lot of independent yarn dyers and online wool retailers sell exceptional small-batch or hand-dyed yarns through their websites. A carefully picked selection of the greatest Spinning Yarn Websites listed for your convenience, use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ Acmills

~ Adityabirla-yarn


~ Aymsyntex

~ Bannarimills

~ Bansalspinning

~ Cottoninc


~ Dsl-india

~ Filatex

~ Ksml

~ Laxmicotspin


~ Meherinternational

~ Nitinspinners

~ Oswalgroup

~ Owmnahar


~ Pbmpolytex

~ Rswm

~ Sakkugroup

~ Shuttlesandneedles


~ Sitra

~ Superspinning

~ Textileinfomedia

~ Ushayarns


~ Vardhmanknitworld

~ Winsometextile