In Today world, Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems for hosting websites, and cPanel has dominated the market for software that allows customers to access and operate those servers in recent years. WHM means WebHost Manager, is included with cPanel, but the two aren’t the same WebHost Manager is used by domain resellers hosting company to administer whole servers, whereas cPanel is a user-friendly interface that controls a single hosted account.

The fact that cPanel is the primary control panel for WordPress powered sites accounts for a major portion of its ubiquity, and considering WordPress’s massive market share, it’s not surprise that cPanel has grown to rule this section of the web world.

Till date, cPanel is the most widely used control panel for server and website management for more than two decades. Almost everyone in the hosting industry has either worked with or experienced cPanel as their web host’s control panel of choice by now.

Self-hosted control panels are frequently free or require a low-cost licence. These alternatives are normally aimed at those with more server maintenance experience, and the software must be installed on your server with your VPS hosting provider of choice.


Alternative or replacement for cPanel, might want to explore for options that offer most if not all of the features you’re used to, such as email, FTP, databases, backups, domain management, and easy web application deployment.

While if you’re already a cPanel user, this will come in handy, we don’t recommend relying on your server administration panel for everything. Few hosting companies, particularly those using cPanel, will not include an email feature. We recommend that you utilise G Suite instead due to performance concerns.

Congratulations on your decision to enter into private server hosting!!!  You’ve taken a risky step that will ultimately open up a lot of possibilities for your own project , start with these free tools. If you’re a reseller or ISP wishing to manage several servers from a single interface, ISPConnect is a good choice, while Virtualmin is also a good option.

Advanced users should make their decisions based on their server’s configuration. Get CentOS Web Panel if you’re running CentOS. Webmin is best for Ubuntu and Debian users. Get ZPanel if your server runs Windows or OSX.


A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online cPanel Alternative Websites listed for your convenience, use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ Aapanel

~ Ajenti

~ Apiscp


~ Blueonyx

~ Centos Webpanel

~ Cloudron

~ Cloudways


~ Cyberpanel

~ Directadmin

~ Froxlor

~ Interworx


~ Ispconfig

~ Ispmanager

~ Liquidweb

~ Ovipanel


~ Plesk

~ Runcloud

~ Scalahosting

~ Serverpilot


~ Spinupwp

~ Vestacp

~ Virtualmin

~ Webmin


~ Yunohost