In Today World Sticky Notes plays an major role in system, the one of the best Windows features with a simple goal that the tool excelled at. You could access your notes and add new tasks right away, no matter where you were on the internet or deep inside a programme.

So we took on internet to compile a list of the Sticky Notes alternatives for Windows 10 that are lightweight, have a modern UI, enable cloud syncing, and have hotkey functionality, with that in mind, let’s look for a good Sticky Notes replacement for Windows 10.

We have incorporated those applications which are not difficult to utilize, has a straightforward UI, upholds console alternate ways on Windows 10, and doesn’t need a lot tweaking. Note-taking applications furthermore fuse text search, so shockingly quick, you can find whatever notes you need.

A sticky note, also known as a Post-it Note, is a small piece of paper with a re-adhesive glue strip on the back that is used to attach notes to papers and other surfaces temporarily. In the form of desktop notes, virtual sticky notes have been produced for computers. Here are some of our suggestions.


We’ve included apps that are straightforward to use, have a simple user interface, enable keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10, and don’t require a lot of adjusting. To rapidly access the related app, simply click on the link below sorted in A to Z wise in ascending order for your easy access.

~ Conceptworld

~ Evernote

~ Globonote


~ Greeneclipse

~ Hottnotes

~ Ideaflip

~ Knotesapp


~ Linoit

~ Lucidspark

~ Micro

~ Note


~ Notepad2

~ Notion

~ Onenote

~ Padlet


~ Pinemup

~ Pinup

~ Pnotes

~ Post-it


~ Samotion

~ Scrumblr

~ Simplestickynotes

~ Stickies


~ To-do-desklist

~ Tomboy

~ Zohonotebook