Wikipedia is a free online encyclopaedia with content available all around the global for their users. It is authorized jointly by Wikipedians, a group of self-proclaimed, actual experts has practically every type of information about celebrities, politicians, places, countries, currencies, and tens of thousands of other topics.

Thousands of people are constantly updating Wikipedia pages, with each hour and fresh content published every day. All these changes are documented in article histories and recent changes, making it the world’s most comprehensive online encyclopaedia. Wikipedia supports almost all languages and does not require registration to read or search its articles.

Wikipedia is the most popular website on the Internet, and it has become close friends with Google. A few major elements contribute to Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is fast and lean on the technological side, and it is often updated because individuals are given the opportunity to change material. Many scholars are hesitant to utilise Wikipedia as a source because of its open contribution updated and concern in content’s validation.

However, for individuals who seek more trustworthy information, there are other Wikipedia alternatives with various portals available online. It’s difficult to believe that millions of anonymous individuals could keep a accurate and unbiased living encyclopaedia up to date. Wikipedia is a non-profit organisation run by hundreds of volunteers, yet only a small percentage of these people have the skills and understanding of a professional writer or editor. Many entries on the site appear to have a cultural bent, with broad consensus replacing cold, hard facts. There’s also the issue of vandalism, which the location is vulnerable to.


What is largest free Encyclopaedia?

Wikipedia is the largest free encyclopaedia on the Internet, with about 6.2 million articles, but that’s not all it’s also larger than many printed publications, such as Britannica’s printed volumes. Encyclopedia Britannica Online has over 90 times the quantity of words as Wikipedia.

While you may need to conduct some fact-checking or source investigation while using Wikipedia as a reference, you must acknowledge that it is quite rare to not discover what you’re looking for, especially since Google places Wikipedia at the top.

A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Wikipedia Alternative Websites listed for your convenience, all are free to use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.


~ Britannica

~ Citizendium

~ Conservapedia

~ Deletionpedia


~ Delhipedia

~ Encyclopedia


~ Infoplease


~ Investopedia

~ Scholarpedia

~ Uncyclopedia

~ Wikinfo


~ Wikipedia

~ Worldbookonline