Slicking wallpaper on wall, it covers our entire living room or just an accent wall, can completely transform your space and give it a distinct look. The tendency for papered walls started in the 16th century, when oriental decorative designs became an exotic curiosity for western cultures.

From large box stores to small artisanal businesses, wallpaper is more accessible than ever before. You no longer need designer trade secrets to access a wide choice of iconic wallpaper patterns, whether you’re trying to add a bit of texture to a room with grass cloth or create a twist on an iconic appearance with a twist on an iconic style.

While ordering wallpaper online has never been easier, it’s still a good idea to obtain a swatch first to ensure the colours are exactly what you want. Consider that each site has its own set of requirements, some will allow you to buy by the square foot, while others will need you to buy a certain amount of rolls.


Above all, always double or triple-check the quantity you require and account for any excess. Pattern matching can result in a lot of waste, and hand-printed or painted colours can vary in pigment.

Wallpapers are quite easy to stick on walls these days, and by peeling them off the backside sheet, you may change your walls instantly. Even kids like decorating their rooms according to their preferences. A carefully picked selection of the greatest Online Wallpaper Websites listed for your convenience, use the below mentioned websites are ordered in ascending order from A to Z.

~ Astekhome
~ Customwallpaper
~ Designwalls
~ Excelwallpapers
~ Gratex
~ Idecorwala
~ Indiacircus
~ Lifencolors
~ Printawallpaper
~ Stenna
~ Themagicwall
~ Truecolorwallpapers
~ Ultrawalls
~ Wallcover
~ Wallpaperbazaar
~ Wallpaperdirect
~ Wallpapersgarage
~ Wallplays
~ Wallskin